Title Change

by upatnight1432

I thought I would call this blog “Things that keep me up at night”  because I muse over all the things that keep my mind racing and my body tossing and turning at night. But, I think a more fitting title is “confessions of an over-sharer.”

As my dear circle of friends can attest to, over-sharing is something I have been quite good at for some time now. It is a skill I have really perfected. I used to see it as a flaw, but have recently decided to embrace it.

My dear friend Michael suggested I do stand up comedy or a one woman show with the stock pile of awkward stories that my over-sharing and odd family background have caused and I just might but for now I think I will put my confessions on the screen. While this blog is about the complications and joys of writing a memoir about myself and many people who are still very much alive, that memoir is directly linked with my over-sharing. So alas, I can no longer put off blogging by using the excuse that I do not have a theme. Now I have two.