She might be short, but she’s never short on compassion

by upatnight1432

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the compassion of young children. My three-year-old daughter, Aimee, is sitting with her hand on my forehead as I write this. She is checking to see if my “headcake” is doing better.

You see, I have a “headcake” this evening because I spent the last ten minutes or so crying like Aimee’s Baby Alive doll that constantly yells out in sobs for her mommy. Yeah- I sounded a little like that doll tonight. I found myself really emotional after and unexpected phone call.

In desperate need for a hug, I went to go find my husband, Adam. When I found him he was snuggled up with our daughter watching a movie. When I saw Aimee in the room too, I hesitated. I wondered if she should see me like that or not.

I find it very challenging knowing when to show my daughter emotions and when the emotions might be too much for her. I want her to know that crying is OK. I mean I think she knows that- I have been known to even shed a tear at that golden retriever puppy on the Cottonelle commercials. Yet, it is only recently that Adam and I have allowed Aimee to see more crying in sad moments. Tonight was one of those moments where the sad just came pouring out of me.

Aimee heard me sniffle in the doorway and paused her cartoons. She stood in front of me and reached her hand out to hold my cheek. “Let me holds you mumma. Sorry you cry.”

After she started hugging me she used her hand to usher Adam over to us, “Come tighter dad,” She commanded, calling in a family hug.

After our family hug Aimee looked up at me, “mumma does our love make you better?”

Well of course you know that made me cry even harder because it was so dang sweet. Through my shallow sobs I said, “Oh honey! Of course it does.”

Pleases with herself, she lunged forward to throw the entirety of her tiny 35lb frame against my body in a “body slam hug (a hug designed by dad- not me). The body slam hug is her complete gesture of trust. She knows I will catch her.

But, what she didn’t realize is that just a moment before, she caught me. She caught me in her love and held me in her compassion. I just sat there for a moment in awe of her.

I brought that beautiful human into this world, and that my friends, is a pretty cool thing. My little girl may still be just that, little, but her capacity for compassion is anything but.