Is that a bed sheet she’s wearing?

by upatnight1432

My last couple of blogs have been pretty emotionally heavy. I thought a little playfulness may be in order. So, another fun fact about me is that I love to do little mini experiments to see people’s reactions.

If your town is anything like mine, you have probably been very warm lately. We don’t have air conditioner and frankly I don’t love it! I am certainly not the most pleasant version of myself when I am warm. My solution to this is of course a logical one- walk around wearing a bed sheet made of cotton jersey material.

A logical step right? I wore it to a small dinner party we hosted the other night with four of our closest friends. I just did it because my comfort level with them is so high. But, they all said they actually kind of thought it was cute. 

The next day we needed to do some grocery shopping and it was still hot out. You can of course guess where this was going. I had my own little toga party in the grocery store. My girlfriend tied up the back of the sheet in a fancy little knot, I wrapped it around my body a few times and tucked in the top. I hoped it wouldn’t fall off in the grocery store- but my state is pretty liberal on nudity laws-so there is always that to fall back on. 🙂

I just observed peoples reactions to me. I thought I would get pointing, weird looks and nasty comments. Instead, almost everyone avoided eye contact with me- and not in a I’m super busy grocery shopping kind of way.

Well, eventually I almost forgot I was wearing it ( seriously you should try it-they could not be more comfy), so when I went up to this guy in the grocery store to comment on how nice his shirt was ( as I usually do) It didn’t even occur to me that having a compliment on clothing from someone in a sheet might not be received well. That guy probably went home and donated that shirt ( which would be a mistake because he looked good).

I realized what I was wearing when he said an uncomfortable “thank you” and tried to politely scurry away- “you look good says the girl in the bed sheet!” I yelled after him in a quasi snort-laugh, and went on my way. 

I could tie this blog to a message about being yourself and loving how you look at every stage of your life- and that is true and a worthy message. But the message I hope you get today dear readers, is sometimes you just need to have fun, enjoy and step out of that comfort zone- preferably into tie-dye, cotton knit sheets.