My little “logger”

by upatnight1432

My biggest compliment as a blogger occurred yesterday when my daughter informed me that she was a “logger.” We sat together today in my favorite coffee shop and worked on our respective (b)logs. Aimee typed on her bright pink pretend laptop with a very believable keypad. 

I asked her what her blog was called and she said “Barbie Share.” When I asked what her latest project was she said she was writing about skunks. I was like, “yep, I would totally read that blog.”

This is yet another reminder that my kid is watching all the time. We shared a fruit smoothie, and each time I looked up from typing to take a sip she would too. When I went to fill our water cups she began chatting up the college student next to her, talking about her blog. The girl just smiled at her. She then started explaining her blog to another woman on the other side of us. She said the name of her blog and then looked at me and said “and your blog is called?” So I answered. She is like an adorable little built in PR system.