UPDATE: This blog has sort of evolved into a discussion about relationships. In particular it focuses on the unique relationship I have with my husband ( together almost 10 years now). We are both bisexual, he is an occasional drag queen and we decided two years ago to have an open marriage. We also have a young daughter.

The way I approach my life has changed drastically in the last two years and this blog is often reflective of my changing relationships. I have many roles as a mother, a daughter, a wife, a lover and a girlfriend. I explore all of these roles and the questions that come with them, as well as the frequent intersection and sometimes collision that comes from trying to balance several of these roles at a time.

As life is always evolving and we are always evolving ( hopefully) this blog has become sort of a living memoir and sometimes the blog has a life of its own. So while I often talk about relationships, the blog isn’t exclusive to those topics-sometimes it is a forum for other musings and stories. No matter what the post is about, the content of each post has shaped me in some way. I invite you to dialogue with me.  I hope that my stories will make you laugh, remind you to not take yourself too seriously, maybe make you cry, definitely make you smile and challenge you to see things in new ways.




This is my original “About” section- I think it still has a lot of truth to it and while my focus for the blog has shifted, I still want to share this info with you:

As I began writing my memoir: SANTA CLAUS AND CIRCUMCISION AND OTHER THINGS THAT KEEP ME UP AT NIGHT, I thought I was going to be writing a completely different story. But, I soon realized the story I was telling, wasn’t really my story. It was the version of my life that I had come to accept as true the way I had explained events in my life to people, it was defined in black and white moments. I started to write and came face to face with the reality that nothing in my life was black and white and that I lived in a world of gray. I learned to realize that while it could be scary, I preferred the world of gray more. Through writing my memoir I have found myself. But it isn’t all beautiful doves flying and flowers sprouting in stop motion frames. Some times it just sucks. What I learned writing a memoir is that you can try to write a memoir, to control it, but at some point it kind of writes you.

Writing about my past suddenly catapulted all of my experiences and emotions into my present and quite literally writing my memoir altered my life and my reality. It changed my relationships and my concept of self. It has forced me examine who I am, what I believe  even what I remembered.

This blog is about all the chaos and risks  that surround an author’s life when they choose to write about their life and their loved ones.